I am Nadur. I protect the entrance of the secret cave in DREAMT FOREST. Be nice and say “Hello Nadur” to me and I will shake my tail to welcome you. Then explore the cave and make pictures. Win a prize — it is easy to get one!

Maybe you are young and you still go to school – or you are a teacher and you look for some ideas to combine art and technology – then I am the right choice! You say I look so much complicated to build? Yes, thats true. I am one of the most sophisticated animal avatars ever made in prims and sculpts. For classes we start with GIZMO, who lost one leg and you have the task to bring this leg back!

For school directors and teachers only:

There was a seminar in 2012 at the RHS school – kids aged 10 to 14. Such a seminar will be worked out in your native language, so you need English only for the use of the buttons, to handle the viewer – how to build and create you learn in your mother tongue. Maybe it is French, Italian, Greek, German – it does not matter. We will work with your teacher(s) out how to give kids material for tasks like “to heal GIZMO” in your local or national language. German language was used for RHS school … — but the printed catalogue Primexplorer and the exhibition comes also in English. We always try to make a version in English so more people can enjoy the result all over Europe.

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