1668 planters

This page is a private note to the 1668 artists and their friends who applied for the 2014 Santorini Bienniale. 56 made it to get selected. You are here on this page because you got the flyer that was printed with the number “1668” on it?

My dream is to get support for the project DREAMT FOREST for kids in Greece. Enter my world and plant a tree and speak about the project so it gets attention. Maybe out of this an invitation happens. I cant afford to travel as my financial situation is a daily struggle – as for so many theses day. But I want to share the beauty that everyone can create. It is important to face the challenges, to learn to use computers well and to become excellent, competive as we say. On the other side where is the art in it? In DREAMT FOREST it comes together. I speak perfect English and can teach all over Europe. Maybe there is an institution offering support.

I have friends helping me, sharing knowledge. The results of such a project shall be great. I know it can be great as I was invited in 2012 to Germany and saw the results of a project in 3D building with kids. Primexplorer is was named by our team – artists from Greek, Germany, England, Switzerland.

So be one of the 1668 supporters and login to DREAMT FOREST and talk about it. I will add over the coming month some little details so it is worth to come again and again. Send me an email in case you want to come with friends in a group. I will welcome you then with my personal Avatar. At least, when I am not available, I will send a gardener to take care of you and your group.

All the best, Liliana Papadopoulou, Paros [member of IPAC]

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